Suupam: Connecting Locally


Suupam is a revolutionary mobile application designed to foster local connections and interactions among users. It serves as a vibrant platform where people can easily plan and participate in various activities with others in their vicinity. Suupam empowers users to engage in social, recreational, and collaborative experiences, all within a localized context. Whether you're looking to meet new friends, share a taxi ride, or promote your business, Suupam is your go-to app for all things local.

Key Features

1. Posting Plans

2. Discovering Plans

3. Participating in Plans

4. Notifications

5. Business Promotion

6. Suupam Cash

Use Cases

Suupam facilitates numerous local use cases:


Suupam is not just an app; it's a vibrant local community where people come together, make new friends, explore local activities, and support local businesses. Its user-friendly features and powerful functionalities ensure that everyone can easily get involved in the local scene, making every day an opportunity for exciting new connections and experiences. Download Suupam today and start exploring your local world!


So basically Suupam is an app where users can post their plans for other people to participate and also participate in plans posted by other users on the platform. Anyone who is using the app can see what plans have been posted around their current location by putting a filter on the area of 2km, 6 km, 40 km, 160km and all posts. Users can participate in any plans and connect with the poster via chat. Similarly users will get notified when someone has raised a participation request for their plans. Its basically an app that helps people connect locally. Some of the use cases could be that users can post a plan to go to a local cafe and others can join in, while someone who is travelling to some destination could ask if anyone would be interested in sharing a cab, furthermore the app can also help you find friends in your neighborhood. Along with this the app also has a functionality to promote businesses. Users with businesses/social media handles/websites can promote themselves using suupam cash/in app credits. While creating a sponsored post they can choose any location on the map where they want the post to be visible, users can also choose the area and duration of visibility. The suupam cash they can use to promote their businesses can be earned through referrals. For every users that you refer you earn Rs. 50 suupam cash and the users whom you refer earns Rs. 500 suupam cash. Additionally users can also earn early bird registration advantage of Rs. 250 suupam cash if they register on the app in the month of September 2023.